VCE Master Gardener Volunteer Training Program

2020 Application form

What is the VCE Master Gardener Volunteer Training Program? 
The VCE (Virginia Cooperative Extension) Master Gardener Volunteer Training Program trains participants to become VCE Master Gardener Volunteers in practical gardening and landscaping techniques both, preserving and protecting the environment. The classes are taught by the horticulture extension agent, experts, and professionals in the different fields. 
What is a certified VCE Master Gardener? 
Certified VCE MGVs are trained volunteers who help their community by teaching others environmentally sound landscape gardening techniques. VCE MGVs complete 50 hours of classroom training and 50 internship hours. Master Gardener volunteers continue to volunteer in the community. 
What do Master Gardeners do
Primarily, MGVs are educators in the community. Our projects include school- based programs, a horticulture help-line, plant clinics, maintaining demonstration gardens, horticulture therapy and others. 
Who should take the class? 
If you love gardening and beautifying the environment, if you want to share what you learn with others, then you should take this class! Master Gardeners provide a vast array of opportunities to learn and grow as gardeners and volunteers. 
Who should I contact to join the VCE Master Gardener Volunteer Training Program?


Culpeper Extension Office
101 South West Street
Culpeper, VA 22701

Contact: Shawn Appling