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about us

The Rapidan River Master Gardeners (or RRMG) are volunteers trained under the auspices of Virginia Tech and the Virginia Cooperative Extension Office to provide unbiased, research-based horticultural information and advice to our county communities.

Master Gardeners work with professionals, such as teachers, activity therapists, and others who work with people, thus carrying the benefits of horticulture to a much broader population than homeowners alone.


What we do

Rapidan River Master Gardeners work throughout the year volunteering in programs that demonstrate safe, effective, and sustainable garden management practices. Our projects include school- based programs, a horticulture help-line, plant clinics, maintaining demonstration gardens, horticulture therapy and others.

“Virginia Cooperative Extension Master Gardeners (VCE-MGs) are a vital part of Virginia Cooperative Extension with nearly 5,500 active volunteers[...] In 2010, VCE-MGs contributed more than 335,000 hours and made more than 550,000 contacts on behalf of VCE and Virginia Tech...
— David D. Close, State Master Gardener Coordinator, Virginia Tech.
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Join us

Registration is now open for 2020!

The VCE (Virginia Cooperative Extension) Master Gardener Volunteer Training Program trains participants to become VCE Master Gardener Volunteers in practical gardening and landscaping techniques both, preserving and protecting the environment. The classes are taught by the horticulture extension agent, experts, and professionals in the different fields.