School Programs

Each year, our Master Gardener Volunteers conduct one or more programs together with the school systems of Madison and Orange counties. The programs are designed for grades K-4. 


Project Leader- Sheree Sherer

Mr. McGregor’s Garden @ Madison Primary School 2019:
-- March 20th, for the 1st planting, be there at 8:45. We will plant 6 beds of seeds and transplants with 105 kindergartners. Rain date is March 25th.
-- May 3rd, for the 2nd planting, be there 8:45. We will plant seeds and flowers in the veg beds, and transplant flowers in 1 flower bed. Rain date is May 6th
-- May 21st, harvest and salad party, be there 8:45. We will help the kids harvest, and then we wash, chop and prepare salads. Rain or shine.

Mr. McGregor’s Garden is based upon Beatrix Potter’s Tale of Peter Rabbit. Students plant their own miniature version of Mr. McGregor’s garden, with some of the plants mentioned in the story. The students care for their gardens and just before school ends, they harvest the vegetables and have a "salad party".

In the Ready, Set, Grow! program, students learn about different types of seeds, and plant flowers which they later bring home for Mother’s Day gifts, or transplant into school gardens. These flourish throughout the summer and are a welcome sight for the children as they come back to school in the fall. They may find sparrows and goldfinches feeding on the seeds of their sunflowers.

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Orange Elementary, Unionville Elementary, & Grymes Memorial Schools

Project Leader- Linda Heilbron

Orange Elementary School 2018:
     Mr. McGregor's Garden (K)
        -- First planting 3/28-3/29 8:30-12:30
        -- Second planting 5/2 8:30- 11:00 am
        -- Harvest & salad prep 5/31 8:30-12:30
      Ready, Set, Grow! (1st grade) 5/1 8:30-2:30
Unionville Elementary School 2018:
      Mr. McGregor's Garden (K)
        -- First planting 3/26-3/27 8:30-12:30
        -- Second planting 4/30 8:30-12:30
        -- Harvest & salad prep 6/1 8:30-12:30
      Ready, Set, Grow! (1st grade) 4/24 8:30-3:00
Grymes Memorial School:
      Gardening Club - Fridays 2:30-4:00 beginning 3/16
      Mr. McGregor's Garden (K) 5/3 1:15 -2:00 pm
      Ready, Set, Grow! (1st grade) 5/3 10:45 - 11:45 am